We paint custom artwork commissions!

Want to see some of our gallery hand-painted pieces for sale?  Original Acrylic Paintings

Person - Pet - Place

Custom artwork commissions can be ordered for yourself or as a gift.  A unique way to crate memories that can be displayed in your home or office year-round.

These custom pieces of art are hand-painted with acrylic paints on canvas.  They are not digitally painted, or on regular paper, or using your image and photoshop to create something that “looks” like a painting which we send off to have printed on canvas.

This is me, with my paintbrush and other tools, creating your art.

Here's some examples of our past commissioned work

Click any image to view.  See the last couple of images for a close-up of detail.

Peek Behind the Process

Here’s a peek at the process from a couple of the portraits above…


Please order a MINIMUM of 45 days in advance of when you may need your commissioned piece. 

5 days – allow 5 days for shipping.  If you need overnight or two-day, there will be an additional shipping fee, so please contact us before placing your order.  

7 days – We need a minimum of 7 days between the time that the final top coat finish is applied and shipping – to help prevent the paint and finish from sticking to packing materials.  

7 days – The final coat of paint needs to dry at least 7 days before applying that top coat.  So there is a time delay of 14 days between the last stroke of paint being added to your canvas and shipping date.

14-21 days – the painting process itself takes between 14 and 21 days (large canvasses, or multiple subjects, can take longer).  This is because each coat of paint needs to dry before the next can be applied.  

These drying times are the nature of paint and there’s not a lot that can be done to speed up the process without negatively impacting the quality of your final product.